Must-Know Web Design Trends of 2019


In this article, we’ll only primarily focus on the Visual and Interactive fields. Please keeps in mind that we won’t list all the trends of Web Design such as web technology, voice interface, mobile first, Data Visualization Focus and machine learning, etc.

Now let’s get started!

1.Bold & Big Typography Layout

Typography undoubtedly has always been the most important part of a website. As you can see, there is more and more website that use words as their main focus element which can be very powerful to make users focus on what you want if used correctly. Also with the infinity amount of fonts today with many typefaces ( serif, sans-serif, monospace… etc ), designers have more choices for their website’s style.

Typography can also be used to expresses the personality of a website in many different ways too.

Here are some examples of Bold and Big Typography Layout:


Web Design Trends

Gautier Maillard Portfolio

2.Various Styles of Illustration

Illustration can obviously turn an average website into something really unique and strong personality. Websites with their own custom Illustration styles in these days have become more and more popular with many different styles from isometric to fun flat to abstract.

It really brings art and design together, we have some website likes ElsaMuse, 10×17 have a really strong personality and anesthetic when you look at it.

Here some examples:

Examples: Gucci glasses, GLITCH, Mariano Pascual, Eat Genesis

Design in Silicon Valley

The New Design Frontier

3. The New Gradient

Gradients always have its place in all of web design trends for many years and it somehow becomes a little overwhelming but they made a comeback in a conventional way in backgrounds and images.

It’s Spotify made them popular again by applying duotone gradients over photos in its campaigns and microsites.

Now with multicolored gradient, this web design trend has become more unique and complex, not just plaint gradient but with shape, 3d object and text.

Some of the best uses of Gradient:

Usa Today Redesign Gradients

Magdiel Lopez Portfolio

Spotify’s Year in Music Campange

Contemple Studio

4. Minimal Design

Design Trends come and go but some trends are eternal and Minimalism is one such web design trend.

Less is More: Minimalism trend continues with even more blank spaces.

Especially white spaces for a clean and multipurpose versatile design, it benefits websites in the shape of faster loading times and better compatibility between screen sizes.

Check out these examples:

Muraflex Website

PAM Website

Andre Ribeiro Portfolio Website

5. Editorial Style Layouts

Thanks to CSS Grid along with Flexbox, Web designer now have more “freedom” in creating a layout which results indefinitely more beautiful and unique layout for a website.

In addition, no more limit on the bootstrap grid and thinks about the responsive on 10 different viewports.

Some Editorial Layout examples:

Emergency Magazine by Studio AIRPORT

NYLON Website

Edgar Website

6. Vibrant Color

Color is everywhere, especially the vibrant one. Designers use vibrant colors not only make the website feel more exciting and fun but also make people focus and their attention on important elements and make their design become more memorable.

Let’s take a look at those beautiful colors!

Secure > Invest Website

Mediaelection Website

Toy Fight

7. Interactive 3D

Three-dimensional renderings are the next big update to flat design. The result is a mash-up of 3D realistic and flat interfaces that are complex, visually interesting with fun interactive for users.

Although it is not very common because it may cause slows to user experience. There are some pretty impressive implementations out there that act mainly as proof of concept, to thoughtful uses of 3D squarely aimed at crafting a great web experience.

Some amazing websites that use 3D very well:

Nike site

Dog Studio

Renaud Rohlinger’s Portfolio

The End.

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