Tips and Tricks to Get More Followers on Dribbble


Dribbble is a social network for designers from different fields — animation, illustration UI, typography and more. It is important to get followers for designers, especially UI/UX Designers.

Why is it so important you might ask? Well, Dribbble is the biggest design community on Earth, from sharing our work, gain more fame, building a community, to getting new clients and much more.

Here are some tips and tricks to get more followers on Dribbble:

1. Be Consistent

This is the most important rule to get more followers on Dribbble, you need to post constantly and if you do right, you will get at least 1-10 more new followers per shot.

The best practice is to do the Daily UI or Daily Illustrator/ icons Challenge, not only you will get better at your design skill but also you will get more followers on Dribbble for the run.

In conclusion, more shots, regularly.


Craftwork – New Feed by Bakhtiyar 😱 for Craftwork

2. Play Around with Thumbnail

People on Dribbble love those thumbnails, make sure to make it look good. You can add shadows, make some gradient background,… Just play with it, make it looks interesting, don’t just put the design on it and leave it there.

You will get more clicks on your Dribbble shot, I guarantee.

Here some examples of good thumbnail:


Tours Booking App by Pham Huy



eCommerce vol.2 | Daily UI by Bakhtiyar


3. Interact with The Community

Browsing some shots and interact with them, don’t just “like”. Tell the designer how you love their design and maybe give them some helpful feedback, maybe you will get noticed and get some more followers from them.

Go to the Debut page you will find the newcomers, give them a warm welcome and maybe they will follow you too for being such a nice guy.


Make use of comment on Dribbble


4. Choose the Right Time to Post

Everyone knows that between Monday — Thursday from 11pm to 2am PT posting on Dribbble is the golden time.

But try to do more experiments, you might get more view at a specific time of the day/ weeks.


5. Tags is More Important than You Think

Dribbble allows 14 tags while you are uploading a shot. Make sure you are doing it right. If you are uploading a shot of landing page make sure to add 14 tags that are related to it.

Want some more tips and trick for your design carrer? Check out Design Up to Date to see more.


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