Web Design Inspiration – Week 03


Last two Weekly Web Design Inspiration, I have shown you some of the best designs around the web design community. I’ve been thinking that this is just really boring if I only pick some good looking design and show it on my blog.

And why not actually talk about it?

So this week, I bring you the best Web Design Inspiration and the reason why it good and let’s talk about it.

p/s: Please notice that some of the designs I pick are not the lastest and trendy, some of them are from a long time ago.

And here they are:


akira-web design

AKIRA by Viktor Vörös

When I look at this design, I immediately think about cyberpunk technology stuff. The uses of the ALL CAPS in typo and medium-tracking size makes it looks very modern. Good use of photos is also really good combine with dark color background really create the Cyberpunk vibe for the design.

Also, the layout is vertical, this sync well with the vertical typo makes it easier to read and better to look at.


Case Study Transition


This clean design with smooth animation transition is from Wolf & Whale, they did a really impressive job showing their work in a very creative way.
The mock-up overlay on the background is super eye-catching, simple typo, good hierarchy and easy to navigate.

The blue color of the mail-icon is really pop-up which acts as a CTA button, you can’t miss that. And the animation is just amazing and clean.


Mimini VR :: WIP


Mini VR by Tran Mau Tri Tam

A very clean and modern design from Tran Mau Tri Tam, one of the best minimal web designer I’ve ever know. The typo and hierarchy are on point with a very pop blue purchase button.  One thing to notice is the content is heavily focused on the left side of the design. You can the vertical socials link make users feel kinda distracted a little bit. But overall, super clean design.


Choose your spook!


What makes this design looks impressive? The skulls and the dope animation of course! With web development technology keep becoming more and more advanced, we designer are able to create crazier 3D design, like this one.

The navigation is super cool with the transition, good typo combine with the dark background make this design even more impressive.


Patch – Agent Landing Page


Patch – Agent Landing Page by Filip Justić

Come from Filip Justic for Balkan Brothers, the design itself use a lot of box-shadow effects which is what makes the design really pop and eye-catching. The color is calm and combines well with the text’s color. The layout is simple and gets straight to the point. This is what a landing page should look like.


Luden Agency – Project Layout


Project Layouts by Lidens Tran

Another Cyberpunk concept, this design uses the Visible Grid Line type of layout. This is like the project detail page of an agency where visitors can see the overall information of their project and the hierarchy work wells too.

If you notice,  the layout’s hierarchy is creating the Z shape, from video to big title then point to the other information and finally to the Visit website CTA.

That’s all for this week!

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Thanks for reading!


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