Layer Website Redesign by Roman Salo for Obys


Today I scroll through Behance to find some inspirations for my web design and found a very amazing redesign project called Layer Website Redesign. Why this one is amazing you might ask? Because it looks better without breaking the brand identity of the website.

I’ve seen so many redesigns on Behance, Dribbble but most of it is just a new design but with the logo of the old design on it.

A good redesign is the one that keeps the brand identity of the old website.

Like this project done by Roman Salo is a great example. For more context, Layer is a design studio that is dedicated to delivering award-winning and market-leading experiences.

Let’s get into Layer Website Redesign:

Layer-Website-RedesignLayer-InfoLayer-Website-RedesignLayer-NavigationLayer-Website-Redesign-design-up-to-date Layer-Mobile-Screen-GridLayer-NewsLayer-Animation


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