Essential Web Design Resources You Must Know


Every web designer has their own resources not only for their job but also for their design skills. I personally spent a lot of time scavenging the internet looking for more web design resources that I can use to improve my skill.

So here is the list of my favorite web design resources that I usually visit every day. An important thing to know is most of these sites you see below are my personal favorite resources. There are still many good sites which offer great resource out there that will serve you through an entire career.



👍 This is my favorite site when I’m looking for inspiration for web design. One of the most important reason is siteInspire offer a great library of web design’s category and unique websites.


The site has many great categories that are very easy to use.

You can search for a specific website collection that has a minimal style, grid-based, big type, retro,… and even subjects such as fashion, portfolio, agency sites…etc.

Overall, this is a great web design resource inspiration that I highly recommend you to visit regularly.

👏 Honorable mention: Awwwards, One Page Lover, Behance, Dribbble.



Muzli – Must-have for designer

What? You don’t know this secret source for designers? Are you kidding me 😨 ? Install it ASAP! This is a must!

It has everything you need: Graphic, Web Design inspiration, news, and trends, curated exactly to your tastes and you don’t even need to read the rest of this article.


Open a new tab and learn new thing

Yeah, it is just that good. Do me a favor and install this extension in your browser, you will learn lots more after this.

Do it… now  🙏.



A Digital Newspaper not just for designers.

Medium – A place to read

As a designer, it is important to get up-to-date about the design industry and Medium should be is my first choice here.


Greate content to read every day

Medium is a platform for bloggers so you will get contents not only from big publication but also from greate designer around the world.

Although most of the good contents are locked behind a paywall (5USD/mo) I would still recommend you to give it I try if you haven’t. As a web designer, you will get a lot of quality content about UI and UX, design thinking, advice and idea for your career.

So grab your coffee and start reading 📖 right now.

👏 Honorable mention: DESK, Abduzeedo, Sidebar



Font Pair help you find the best Google Font duo

FontPair -The Best Google Font Duo

Most web designers today use Google Font because it has a lot of good typefaces, easy to use and more importantly, it’s free.

But how to find the best combination of them is another story. I choose Font Pair simply because I don’t want to waste time trying to find good font combination, why? Because somebody has done it already and I just need to reuse that.


Many combinations to choose from

There are better Typeface resources out there like TypeWolf, Fonts in Use but most of them recommend using paid fonts which is really good but for me, Google Font is enough and I use it for most of my projects unless my client already has a font choose in their mind.

👏 Honorable mention: TypeWolf, Fonts in Use, Beautiful Web Type.

Cover Image Illustrated by Uran


👇 Some web design resources collection:

🙏 Thanks for reading!


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