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Learning:  Space, Grids, and Layouts



Spacing Grid Layout in Design System

In our first Design Links Collection, let’s learn about Space, Grids, and Layout in Design System. Look into the basics of defining base units, creating relationship rules with grids, and bringing it all together for modern UI layouts.

Resources:  Design Resources Collection of 2019

Design Resources Collection

A collection of Design Resources which has literally everything you need from fonts, colors to inspirations, news about design. With this, you could get tons of design examples and spark new ideas for absolutely anything. Check it out!

Inspiration:  Concept Web Design for Rock in Rio
Rock in Rio Concept Web Design

Rock in Rio Concept Web Design

An absolutely amazing UI/UX Design Concept using Big Type and Editorial Layout styles. Designed by Set Sargsyan. Be sure to support him by sharing this article.

News:  Designing for top feature requests, like Smart Animate

Smart Animate – Figma

Introducing new prototyping features from Figma – Auto Animate, it helps you bring more interaction design ideas to life.  Without a doubt, this will helps Figma become even more powerful than ever before.

Product:  Freellustrations



Finally, a collection of high-resolution illustrations background images for websites and landing pages. It also updated every week with new illustrations with different topics.

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