Web Design Inspiration Week 01


Let’s take a look at some of the best Web Designs from the very best designers around the globe. We Design Up to Date will updates the very best web design inspiration for you every week.

Landing page. Above the fold – Charity

post image
Charity by by Outcrowd


Refreshing Summer Drinks

post image
Refreshing Summer Drinksby by Cuberto


Sign up – Union Merch

post image
SignUp by Union



post image
Caculator by Vladimir Gruev


Art & Rhyme Website

post image
Art & Rhyme Website by Halo Lab


Blitz Agency Website

post image
Blitz Agency Website by Halo Lab


Vacation House Cooking Landing Page

post image
Foodima by Cuberto



post image
Minbeer by Bogdan Pavlik



post image
Lazarus by Ludens Tran


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